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OFFERING / FOR SALE: Constant Projecting Berlinlasers Green Cross Line Laser Module

Location: San Juan
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Price: 70

What is best solution for users to make easy and highly accurate cross line alignment in distance? Unless the adoption of manual or mechanical cross line aligning device, it is just the most convenient choice for users to adopt Berlinlasers green cross line laser module. It generates the most visible green laser light from 532nm green DPSS laser part, under easy cooperation with qualified optic lens, it is projecting the most complex laser light in pattern of two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degrees immediately.
After quite easy connect with an external DC input power supply, green cross line laser module keeps continuous cross line targeting from beam aperture. Either it is designed with 16mm or 26mm diameter tube, this durable structure made green laser alignment tool gets quite larger space leaving for laser tube cooling down, and ensuring extremely stable cross line targeting in use. According to quite easy adjustment of laser beam focus, the most intense green laser light is converting into the finest cross line source for all application fields effectively.

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Constant Projecting Berlinlasers Green C
Constant Projecting Berlinlasers Green C
Industrial San Juan
Industrial San Juan

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