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OFFERING / FOR SALE: Fuel Tank Semi Trailer For Sale

Location: Philippines
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Transaction type: OFFERING / FOR SALE
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Price: Not Specified

Length: 11,800 mm
Width: 2,485 mm (including mud guard)
Height: 3,600mm @ unload
King Pin Location: 1,000 mm from the front face of the front bolster (No confirm).
Axle spacer: 7,400mm + 1,400mm
Fifth Wheel Height: 1,280mm with the chassis level (No confirm).
Landing Gear location: 2420mm behind the king pin location


Tare weight(Tolerance 0~-4%) : approximate 10,800KG
Pay Load : 31,700KG
G..V.W.R : 42,500KG
King Pin Distribution: 16,750KG
Axle Group Distribution: 26,950KG


Volume: 35000LT + 5%, Vapor Volume for semi trailer
Three compartments: 2350L/20000L/15000L
Plus outside fitted fuel tank 2350L capacity situated inside the main tank at the front of the tank with proper inlet (16" diameter manhole) and outlet (a ball-type discharge valve and a thread coupling, made in CHINA, lies to roadside.).
Tank material: steel plate Q345A, the thickness of the shell is 5mm approx.

Phone/Wechat/WhatsApp: +86-150-6472-2100


We are a semi trailer manufacturer from China. This is a long-term advertisement.

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