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Philippines Products listings and ads [Food / Agriculture]

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Price: 250
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Mutya’s Raw Honey is 100% pure. It comes from the wild bees from the forests of Sierra Madre and are sealed fresh in air tight bottles.

Our Metro Manila customers can choose from 250ml-180 pesos, 350ml-250 pesos and 500ml-350 pesos bottle packaging, while provincial customers can order the 300ml-230 pesos milk bottle packaging. &br...
Customized fondant cakes and cupcakes
Package includes
8" cake
30 cupcakes
3 tier tower

For inquiries pm me
Fb page Lifewithcake...
Price: 50,000
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A traditional and staple Filipino rice meals at very affordable price. A unique taste in each topping and with different variety of viands to choose from and special yellow rice .Take advantage of this business oppurtunity to have your own Rice toppings(tapa,sisig atbp.) food cart anywhere in the philippines Cellphone: 639279541118...
Price: 25.00
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Try our "SWEET TAMARIND CANDY" available in original and chili flavor. It's sweet and you will almost not taste the sourness of it. Once tasted,you'll surely taste it again and again.

20 PCS/PACK worth Php 25.00 only,Price is negotiable if bulk order.Also, available in special packages depends on your need.

For free ta...
Price: 280.00
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Our brownie products are freshly baked and can be delivered around Batangas areas. Place your orders two days before the delivery. Thank you. Visit our website at

Cellphone: 09204892059 Email:[at]gmail[dotcom]...
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Price: 150/kilo
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Try this now. Plant and harvest your own wheat grass and juice. Very High in Collagen potent Anti Aging Properties.. helps to loss weight . Contains concentrated...
Price: Php 25-27 / kilo
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Wanted: Lakatan Banana Buyer
Area: 5 hectares
Location: Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte
Contact: 09103085858, 09162217670
Email: npiator[at]gmail[dotcom]
Harvest period: December/January 2015

Email: npiator[at]gmail[dotcom]...
Price: 220
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Per grams/kilo - We deliver you fresh dried coming from CEBU island, please refer the following prices.

Dried fish big (Danggit) Php: 220

Dried fish big (Bangis) Php: 200

Dried fish big (Cabanko) Php: 220

Dried fish big (Cabanko) Php: 220

Dried fish Katambak ...
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Price: 16,000
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BESTSELLER PINOY FOOD BUSINESS CONCEPTS - These are food businesses that are very simple to operate and manage but the profit potential is high. Ask us how to create your own foodcart business.

Our Bestsellers:
1. Shake (Buko and Black Pearl)
2. Soft Ice Cream (Sundae)
3. Ice Scramble
4. French Fries & Pot...
Price: 160.00
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For details, call or text: 09995739146 ; email me at: tac2xron01[at]gmail[dotcom] ; braveheartchix[at]yahoo[dotcom.] Hoping you'll doing business with us, thanks and God Bless. Look for Ms. Lee Leigh Tactac...
Price: P18.00/Kg
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We are SINGAPORE-BASED company looking for distributors of COCOPEAT, a multipurpose growing medium USEFUL for the agriculture and gardening, Hydroponic growers, Seedling nurseries, Golf green Contractors, roof and vertical gardening.

Regional Manager will be in Manila to discuss the benefits to prospective distributors and business p...
Price: 10000000
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For Sale Mr. Coffee Good For 3 Branches

Mr. Coffee

Brewing coffe. Making money.
A homegrown idea of a native cebuano family who jokingly thought, " Why Don't we make our own coffee shop?" and that's exactly how siblings And Started it.
Mr. Coffee Products

We Serve a variety of products from...
Price: 530
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(We are seller dried fish FRESH and AFFORDABLE)


Unsalted boneless danggit Php: 540
Pusit Lapad Php: 550
Fish Tocino Php: 360

We deliver our product upon payment recieve
Lead time it takes 2-3 days express and 3-4 days ...
Price: PHP 989,000.00
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Great restaurant bar & grill with 4 person live band stage. Sound system & disco lighting. Large dinning area seats 50 plus, large counter seating with drop down accent lighting over each table and counter. VIP or videokie room great for private parties or business meetings, seats 8 to 12 with videokie machine. Large full equipped kitchen, 2 refrig...
Price: 4,000
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Great for emergency preparedness, boating, camping, hiking, Doomsday Prepping, natural disasters, ect. These will last a long time if you keep them in a cool dry place.

Every Pack Contains:

An Entrée (Main Course)
Side dish
Dessert or snack (Candy, Pastry, or HOOAH! Bar)
Crackers or Bread...
Price: on enquiry
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Pangasius species have a low to moderate fat content with high levels of protein. The amount and composition of the fat content will be influenced by the feed used in aquaculture operations. A nutrition label for a four ounce raw portion of Pangasius is provided. The actual nutrient content of products that are consumed will be affected by added in...
Price: on enquiry
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The protein from Pangasius (and all other fish) is easily digested and absorbed into the body. It does not have any adverse side effects or contain carcinogenic compounds like other meats do.

Size: 170-220, 220up
Packing: 1kg/bag x 10/ctn or 10 kg bulk or interleaved 5 kg/block x 2/ctn or depend on customers
Email: na...
Price: on enquiry
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Naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol, Pangasius is an excellent source of lean protein. It provides omega 3 fatty acids which are known offer significant health benefits.

Size: 120-170, 170-220,
Packing: 1kg/bag x 10/ctn or 10 kg bulk or interleaved 5 kg/block x 2/ctn or depend on customers
Email: namnk[at]...
Price: 550
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Quality transaction is our priority (FRESH DRIED FISH)


Unsalted danggit: Php 550

Pusit: Php 600

Fish Tocino Php: 450

Tilapia: Php 250

Anduhaw: Php 180

Sunghan: P...
Price: 1000.00
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available all kinds of milk
S-26 1600g 0-6 =1,050.00
Promil w/lutein 1600g 6to12 =1,100.00
Promil Pre School 1600g 4 up =750.00
S-26 Gold 1600g 0-6 =980.00
Promil Gold 1200g 6to12 =970.00
Promil Gold 1600g 6to12 =1,200.00
Progress Gold 1600g 1to3 =980.00
Progress Pre-School Gold 1600g 4 up =85...
Price: 2600
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We are selling piglets
which are ideal quality as fatteners.

Quality piglets in Compostela complete with vaccinations.

For serious buyers of Piglets for Sale in Compostela
please contact: +63 922 830 0933

Large white cross Duroc Piglets for Sale ready for pick up.

Baktin for...
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