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Price: 359
Functions allow users to sketch, paint, design and edit directly from the tablet screen. Your work function will flow naturally and intuitively. Enjoy the high quality glass design which gives you high precision and prevents dust build up
The latest Passive Pen design! Our PN03S stylus technology provides 8192 levels of instant pen pressure s...
Power banks are crucial things for every mobile. So buy a trendy and stylish power bank from Kabizko.

The trendy power bank of Kabizko is really eye-catching. You can charge your mobiles on it easily. It even comes in two colors- red and blue. So you can choose from them.

Capacity: 8000mAh
Price: 35,000
Item code: ET-JS-4B·R-
Kindly contact:
Ms. Angel
(02)8617598/ 09063634735/ 09398566092/ 09334784103
Email: iriatrading1[at]gmail[dotcom]
Iria Trading
Add: Unit 204 Chunics Bldg. Ramon Magsaysay Blvd. Sta. Mesa Manila
Mon-Sat: 8:30am-5:00pm
Price: 1600

For Sale:: Canon Eos 5ds R Camera + Lens $1600usd
new, sealed with complete accessories and it comes with 1 year warranty
Shipping is Free and we deliver to your address by Fedex Courier service with 48Hours.
anaproductoslimitado[at]gmail[dotcom] Email: anaproductoslimitado[at]gmail[dotcom]...
Price: 1600

For Sale:: Yamaha Tyros 5 keyboard $1600usd
new, sealed with complete accessories and it comes with 1 year warranty
Shipping is Free and we deliver to your address by Fedex Courier service with 48Hours.
anaproductoslimitado[at]gmail[dotcom] Email: anaproductoslimitado[at]gmail[dotcom]...
Price: 220

This adjustable handheld cell jammer can jam up to 5 frequencies depending on what you choose at the same time.It can block the cell phone signals such as GSM,3G,4G.Jamming the GPS signals,Portable characteristics of it can make you satisfied..It also supports Bluetooth,WIF...
Price: 300,000.00
This version is also characterized by several functions:
It operates in six different languages:(German-English-French-Italian-Spanish and Arabic)
The latest device to detect underground water and artesian wells
RIVER-F a device with multiple features searching underground water and artesian wells
-Fresh Water Search syste...
Price: 89,440.00
Sole detecting area can adjust its sensitivity privately, without coordination to adjust the overall sensitivity; it can be adjusted in 100 degrees within its scope; therefore, it can meet customer’s demand to reject the items e.g. belt buckle, gold or silver jewelry, ect.
There are 6 detecting areas spreading evenly over the left-right det...
Price: 364,000
"Size: 598cm*190cm*76cm
Material: Fiberglass
Capacity: 12-15 persons
N.W: 280kg
Stainless steel handrail"

can match 40-60hp outboard engine

For Fast Transaction Just Call / Text us.
five search systems in one device.
Small size and easy to use.
Device operates on touch screen which show you the search data.
The Device depth is 45 meters.
Possibility of identifying the target depth under the ground.
front range up to 2,500 meters with The possibility of determine the Front Range required Starting f...
Price: 196,560.00
High-speed handpiece tubing with connector (2 hole or 4 hole)2 set
Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector (2 hole or 4 hole) 1 set
Strong and weak suction 1 set each
Water suction and saliva ejector 1 set each
Square operation lamp 1 set
24V X-film vewer 1 set ...
Price: 220,000.00
Treasure Hunter 3D metal detectors
Up to 30 METERS depth. Easy to use. Highest resolution scan.
make underground treasures visible.

TreasureHunter3D metal detectors are ready to discover precious metals like gold, silver,Treasure's Gold Bar and ancient
bronze objects as well as chests, boxes, hidden rooms, graves and ...
Price: 180,000.00
84 Feet
25 Meters Deep

I Treasure Hunter 3D
Treasure hunting has never been easier and more fun!
First portable 3D metal detector with iPhone connectivity
Ready to discover precious metals like gold, silver and ancient bronze objects/coins as well as chests, boxes, hidden rooms, graves and tunnels. Fully inte...
Price: 900,000.00
TITAN GER - 1000 device - 5 systems
Modern technology for detection of gold and buried treasures underground

gold, diamonds, gems and buried treasures ancient monuments and cemeteries , caves archaeological and all burials underground before extraction .
TITAN GER -1000 its multi-system to search for underground treasure .&...
Walltype/Tripod And Motorized Screen


Epson Projectors
Panasonic Projectors
Acer Projectors
Infocus projectors
Nec Projectors
Hitachi Projectors
Vivitek Projectors

Document Camera:
Avervision F17-8M&brea...
Price: 23,990
3,300 Up to 25,000 Ansi Lcd Projectors

We Also Have:

Panasonic Projectors
Acer Projectors
Nec Projectors
Infocus Projectors
Hitachi Projectors
Vivitek Projectors
Document Camera:
Avervision F17-8M
Avervision F50-8M
Price: 999
- Storage: SDHC 64-GB to 128GB class 10 Micro-type Made in Korea *
- Industrial Grade
- Audio and Video Recorded: with Internal
- Camera Resolution: Full High Definition
- Frame: 20-30 FPS
- 140 Degree Angle
- Video Recording and Snapshot Recording Function
- Audio Input: Microphone Embedded
- Real...
Price: 2300
We are Trading company for Wholesaler,Retailer & consumers worldwide of various type of Pianos,Keyboards,Guitars,studio systems,dj equipments and commodities such as:* DJ SPEAKER SYSTEMS* DJ MIXERS & CONSOLES * DJ PACKAGES* DJAMPLIFIERS.

We offer genuine, personalized customer service and trustworthy professional service.We are an auth...
Price: 4999
- Storage: SDHC 16GB class 10 Micro-type (FREE) – Maximum Card Storage is up to 64GB (Good for 1 month storage recording)
- Industrial Grade.
- 2 channels (Front Camera and Back Camera)
- 3.5 inches Touch Screen Monitor
- Audio and Video Recording: with Interna...
Price: 0.00
kig6012Sai Engineering has been Since 1970, we have been providing power as the largest independent commercial & industrial diesel generator supplier in North America, the Caribbean, South America and all India. We Provided by all marine generator. We have every time believed in supplying par-excellence products & services and at competitively mode...
We design and install only the highest quality CCTV systems for residential and commercial establishments since 1990 and we are an internationally accredited and certified CCTV, Security contractor with years of expertise.

Our clients consist of famous National and International Brands here in the Philippines.

We offer com...

Electronics / Gadgets Products - Philippines

* Buy and sell electronics, TVs, sound systems, gadgets, digital cameras, and game consoles.
* Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP, Playstation, Xbox, Apple iPod, Nintendo DS
* Sell accessories and game consoles, digital camera (Canon Ixus, Sony Cybershot, etc...) widescreen LCD TVs, power-saving and other electronic gadgets and equipment