Apple’s March 7 Event, iPad 3 Rumors and Speculations

Apple’s scheduled March 7 iPad event has generated unending buzz about its blockbuster tablet product.  The Loop claims that the company will show off its new iPad 3 on the event, set to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.   Technologists and gadget-enthusiasts have surely circled the date for the announcement.

Rumored specs

Known for being one of the most secretive companies in the world, Apple has kept a tight lip with regards to the iPad 3′s specifications.  That has not stopped the blogosphere from speculating about a quad-core A6 chip, 2048×1536 Retina Display, and 4G LTE networking. The new Retina Display may be the reason why some have suggested that the iPad 3 may be slightly thicker than its predecessor.

7 inch version

With the success of the Kindle Fire and Nook tablet, speculations of a 7-inch iPad have also increased since the end of last year.   The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs has previously dismissed the notion of a 7-inch Apple tablet deeming it too small to have a pleasant touchscreen experience.

“7-inch tablets are tweeners; too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with the iPad,” said Jobs. This was over two years ago and the models that were just hitting the market then were Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Research in Motion’s Playbook.  It remains to be seen if the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, released on November 2011 and the most successful of all 7-inch tablets, has convinced Apple to change its mind.

Cheaper iPad 2 models

It is also possible that Apple’s answer to the growing 7-inch market, and similar-sized e-readers, is by way of lower iPad 2 prices, edging closer to the Kindle Fire’s price tag of $199.  This, of course, assumes that the majority of consumers choose the Fire and other 7-inch tablets mainly for their cheaper price tags.

A step down to 8GB internal storage from its 16/32/64 GB options is another way for Apple to entice consumers away from cheaper options.  The current roundup of tablets in the market suggests that there is a great and still growing opportunity to capture hearts of consumers.

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