Maternity Gifts for Moms in the Philippines

If you’ve reached that age where your Facebook feed is filled with photos of ultrasound films, child rearing tips, and baby pics, then this Christmas gift guide is for you! Here are some gift ideas for the mommy friends in your life – whether they are expecting or already coaxing their young ones to eat.

1. Breastfeeding Bras – breastfeeding is one of the things most moms feel very strongly about. Much has been said about the benefits of breastfeeding. But it’s a tough job. And it’s painful too. Apart from that, it’s tricky to feed when you’re outside the house.

This bra is comfortable and adjusts with your size. And the best part is it has an easy pull-away feature so you can feed your baby without having to take out your bra.

2. Baby Couture Diaper Bags Going out of the house with a baby is quite the challenge. You have bottles, bibs, towels, diapers to bring… not to mention a few toys to keep the little one entertained while you shop. This diaper bag was designed to accommodate the ever long list of baby things you need to lug around.

3. Postpartum Slimming Garments – Everyone wants to look good, whatever the stage you are in. Just because you’re a fulfilled mom doesn’t mean you don’t want to still look and feel sexy! This slimming shapewear from Wink tucks in the fat and also provides compression perfect for after pregnancy, C section and other abdominal surgeries. The garment is very comfortable and soft and doesn’t feel like a burden, so you can wear clothes over it with ease.

4. Spa Gift Certificates – Everybody needs a break, especially moms! There is nothing more rewarding for them than 2 hours of complete silence. The sweet smell of aromatherapy will certainly be a welcome respite from the smells and scents of diaper changing.

5. Mamaway Maternity Wear – There is your typical “nanay” looking maternity wear. And then there is Mamaway, which presents a fashionable line of clothes to make your mommy friends look gorgeous and put together. Other brands to look at – Gingersnaps and H&M!


These are just some of the many things you can give your mommy friends to bring a smile to their face this Christmas. Because hey, they clearly deserve it.

Prepare your Shop for the Christmas Season!

Christmas is just around the corner. Is your shop ready for the Christmas rush? Here are some tips to help you maximize your sales this shopping season!

1. Bulk Discounts
Business and individuals alike are always looking into buying the same gift for a big bunch of people – usually their employees, office mates, or clients. Providing a bulk discount convinces potential clients to choose you over other shops.

2. Customized Items
Offering customized items gives you even more leverage, by giving customers the chance to buy a gift that is more personalized and heart-felt, which they feel their recipients will appreciate better.

3. Special Packaging
Great gifts come in great packages too! Competition is fierce, with several shops offering more or less the same thing. To stand out from the others, consider offering some special form of packaging – it can be Kraft paper tied up in beautiful baker’s twine, a cute cardboard crafted box, a beautiful printed tin box, etc. Be as creative as you can!

4. Seasonal flavors and designs
For food shops and bakeries, consider using seasonal flavors that will make the finished product more festive. Examples: Gingerbread, candy cane, eggnog, etc. Consider green and red colors, or other warm colors.

Products can also be given a Christmas motif.

5. Take high-quality photos of your products
Clients will judge your product line by the photos you take. Make sure you take professional looking photos! Consider looking for a photographer (freelance ones usually provide more affordable rates – some may even be willing to do it for free in order to add to their portfolio. If you have a photographer friend, even better!)

6. Invest in marketing strategies
The reason is simple: the more people you reach, the more potential sales you can receive!
– Spend some time posting on free classifieds sites (like ours)!
– Decide on a marketing budget you can spend on Facebook, Google Adwords, or other venues.
Make sure your spiel and photos are enticing!

7. Join bazaars
A lot of people still prefer to see products in person before making their purchase. Joining bazaars will help you advertise your products to these potential customers. A little research will help you find the high-traffic bazaars to join. If the rental fee is a bit too steep, consider looking for a friend to split the space with you.

If you are a bakery / food store, be sure to provide tasting samples!

I wish you all the best in your Christmas sales!

Feature: Unique Ice Cream Flavors from Moolala!

The Best Food Forward event at The Rockwell Tent is happening tomorrow! Is everybody excited? Here’s one booth you should check out once you’re at Rockwell Tent – Moolala. Its mission: to bring you unique artisanal ice cream flavors made with love!

We had the opportunity to interview the man behind Moolala recently, and here’s what he has to say:

1. When and how did Moolala start?
Moolala started around August 2013, with the answer to how, I just made a sudden decision to pursue my dream of making ice cream and buy an ice cream maker.

A sure hit! The subtle saltiness brings out the decadent flavors of this ice cream

2. What made you decide to go for an ice cream shop?
Well, it was my childhood dream to have my own ice cream for personal consumption, but it got me thinking since my ice cream was tasteful, why keep it to myself and why not share it to the world? I guess seeing and sharing the smiles of other customers after tasting my ice cream or my cooking and having them comment that it’s good and delicious, it brings joy to me.

3. What’s your favorite Moolala flavor?
My favorite flavor is the Salted Toffee Caramel and the Strawberry Coffee. I love the sweet and salty combination of the salted caramel. As for strawberry coffee, the dance of its two flavors jive together as one, it may be weird at start but after tasting it, you’ll have a change of heart or taste.

The Strawberry Coffee Ice Cream is a unique and refreshing blend of flavors

4. Any upcoming flavors you have in mind? What is the craziest flavor you’ve ever thought of?
Possibility of beer ice cream, pistachio ice cream and others are still in my head or notepad haha. Although I will make sure to add some twist to each flavor, creating art in ice cream.

5. What’s your biggest dream for your ice cream store?
My dream is to have an ice cream parlor which would cater to a lot of customers, appreciating every scoop of and coming back for more and tagging along friends and family to share the joy of ice cream made by me.

6. What makes Moolala different from the other artisanal ice cream brands?
It’s made with LOVE :D. haha! But seriously, I make it a point that my ice cream is creamy and to create unique flavors that are not yet in the market. Although I admit that I have common flavors that are the same to other artisanal ice cream makers, but I make sure to add a bit of a twist in each flavor so as to stand-out.

7. If you were to compare yourself to an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?
With my current flavors, I would say Strawberry Coffee. The reason is that I never thought of seeing myself as an ice cream maker and others never viewed me as a good cook but here I am trying to create artisanal ice creams. Just like the Strawberry Coffee, at first you’d think it’s a weird flavor, but after tasting it, the idea of these two flavors combined is delicious and unique.

Check out their Facebook page below or call 0917-887-4788 for inquiries!

Feature: Cupcakes & More Delicious Treats at The Royal Chimney

The story behind The Royal Chimney is as interesting as the wide array of cupcake flavors and pastries the bakeshop has to offer – the culinary brain behind the shop traveled from bazaars to a booming online store to her current endeavor at a quaint cafe in Mandaluyong. Read about our recent interview with her below.

Truly – sky’s the limit for The Royal Chimney!

What Inspired You to start baking?
Baking was just a hobby at first, but passion is what drove me to continue. I came from a family of foodies. My late aunt who raised me was a Food Technologist. She taught me a lot about food processing and the science behind it, so I acquired the passion in cooking and baking through her as I grew up watching everything she had to do. I started baking muffins with her when I was 4, but I eventually took up Food Technology in college and courses in Culinary Arts and Baking after that.

The Kahlua Mudslide cupcake is a delicious treat with a unique spike

What is your favorite cupcake flavor?
Lemon Meringue. I am a big fan of citrus flavors, however it’s my personal favorite because it’s always a challenge for me every time I work with meringue. It’s an award-winning feeling each time I reach the perfect stiff-peaks of egg whites. Sometimes I fail, but most of the times, it’s luck.

What is the inspiration behind your store name, “The Royal Chimney”
In one of my travels abroad, I got to eat in a buffet-set up hotel restaurant. The place was nice, with crystal chandeliers. The restaurant name had the word “Chimney” on it. I just noticed that the interiors did not match the name of the store. It was totally different inside. I told myself that if ever I would be building my own restaurant, it would also have a “chimney” as part of the name, but I would like to give emphasis on it by bringing the chimney to life. Thus, the light rustic wood details of our store-interior.

Among all the cupcakes and cakes you have done in the past, which one did you enjoy the most?
I definitely enjoyed making my own wedding cake. It was one of the biggest and tallest that i’ve done so far. Our wedding was travel-inspired so I made a two tier rectangle luggage cake for the base and another two tier round cakes with flowers cascading from the top to the mid-bottom. It was a total of 4 tiers, 14 inches base, 20 inches in height. What made it enjoyable was that I did not have to worry about client demands since I was my own client. It was free-hand art work to be showcased at a very special event.

A cute wedding cake topper!

What are your dream plans for the Royal Chimney?
I would love to branch out eventually, not just in the Philippines but in the neighboring countries as well. My ultimate dream is to bring the brand to Australia where I saw greater opportunities for the business.

What year did you start selling online and when did you start opening a store?
I started as a bazaarista in the year 2011. I used to manage 3 food stalls. One, at a bank in Makati, another at a corporate tower in Ortigas, and a night food bazaar in Metrowalk. For some reasons, I decided to shut down all three of my branches and started venturing and selling online in the year 2012. I saw endless possibilities as an online home-based pastry shop. It took me 2 years of selling online before I got to open our first physical store with the help of my friends and family (now my business partners and co-owners). We had our soft opening last May 2014 and grand opening 3 months after.

A Monsters Inc. Themed Dessert Buffet - fun and delicious!

What were your challenges in opening a store?
The store itself was a challenge. We had to renovate from a nail spa into a cafe/pastry shop. At first, we had no idea where to start. We had to stretch every cent in the small capital that we had. But, as we started seeing the interior being done, it all came to us, from the interior design, the kitchen layout, the menu, product photo-shoots, the services that we can offer, hiring of staff, job descriptions, we started everything from scratch, then everything else followed. The good thing about building as a team instead of single-ownership is that we get to use the skills of each and everyone of us. I am a chef and a Food Technologist at the same time, so product Research and Development is not much of a trouble. My mom and husband are both in the accounting field, one of our co-owners is a Civil Engineer, and another partner is in the IT and Sales industry. It’s a lot of work in the process, but we are very thankful for our friends and families who are continuously rendering their helping hands from the beginning until now. :)

A cozy nook at the Royal Chimney Cafe

Like and follow The Royal Chimney on Facebook:

For inquiries, call: 6321626 / 09174437420

Check out their cafe at: Sierra Madre Centre, Domingo Guevara (former Libertad) cor Sierra Madre, Madaluyong City

2011 Yearender Report: Top Search Trends in ClassifiedsPH

Happy new year everyone!

Before we officially say goodbye to 2011, we’d like to take a few minutes to share to you the most popular classifieds listings on our website last December – a quick trip down memory lane.

It comes to no surprise that job hunting in the Philippines was still very much at large last year. With our population continuously rising, the demand for work follows. Terms like “job hiring 2011”, “canada jobs for filipinos”, “pagcor jobs”, and related terms were very hot and we can assume that “job hiring 2012” will be a hot topic this year as well.

There’s always a wedding to celebrate in the country, which explains why wedding gowns were a hot topic in 2011. On a related note, the chocolate fountain was being searched by many Filipinos – perhaps as a great decadent addition to the wedding banquet?

An interestingly popular product on our site last year was the Baro’t Saya – a comforting thought that the Filipinos still treasure their heritage.

We’re quite excited to find out what trends 2012 brings.

Stay tuned!