Maternity Gifts for Moms in the Philippines


If you’ve reached that age where your Facebook feed is filled with photos of ultrasound films, child rearing tips, and baby pics, then this Christmas gift guide is for you! Here are some gift ideas for the mommy friends in your life – whether they are expecting or already coaxing their young ones to eat. 1. Breastfeeding Bras – breastfeeding is one of the things most moms feel very strongly about. Much has been said about the benefits of breastfeeding. But it’s a tough job. And it’s painful too. Apart from that, it’s tricky to feed when you’re outside the … Continue reading

Feature: Cupcakes & More Delicious Treats at The Royal Chimney

A Monsters Inc. Themed Dessert Buffet - fun and delicious!

The story behind The Royal Chimney is as interesting as the wide array of cupcake flavors and pastries the bakeshop has to offer – the culinary brain behind the shop traveled from bazaars to a booming online store to her current endeavor at a quaint cafe in Mandaluyong. Read about our recent interview with her below. Truly – sky’s the limit for The Royal Chimney! What Inspired You to start baking? Baking was just a hobby at first, but passion is what drove me to continue. I came from a family of foodies. My late aunt who raised me was … Continue reading

Prepare your Shop for the Christmas Season!


Christmas is just around the corner. Is your shop ready for the Christmas rush? Here are some tips to help you maximize your sales this shopping season! 1. Bulk Discounts Business and individuals alike are always looking into buying the same gift for a big bunch of people – usually their employees, office mates, or clients. Providing a bulk discount convinces potential clients to choose you over other shops. 2. Customized Items Offering customized items gives you even more leverage, by giving customers the chance to buy a gift that is more personalized and heart-felt, which they feel their recipients … Continue reading

Feature: Unique Ice Cream Flavors from Moolala!

The Strawberry Coffee Ice Cream is a unique and refreshing blend of flavors

The Best Food Forward event at The Rockwell Tent is happening tomorrow! Is everybody excited? Here’s one booth you should check out once you’re at Rockwell Tent – Moolala. Its mission: to bring you unique artisanal ice cream flavors made with love! We had the opportunity to interview the man behind Moolala recently, and here’s what he has to say: 1. When and how did Moolala start? Moolala started around August 2013, with the answer to how, I just made a sudden decision to pursue my dream of making ice cream and buy an ice cream maker. 2. What made … Continue reading

An Online Buyer’s Responsibilities


Online shopping continues to grow at a rapid pace in the Philippines as more and more people warm up to the idea of conveniently browsing and buying things from the comfort of their homes. The nature of online shopping is vastly different from the traditional “walk inside a store and pay” scenario – a higher level of trust is demanded. And while it’s common knowledge that the seller must be reliable and a buyer must be careful and alert against online scams, one should not forget that the buyer also has his/her responsibilities to fulfill: 1. Fulfill your Reservations. And … Continue reading

How to Find your Dream IT Job

IT job posting help

It comes to no surprise that IT jobs continue to be very hot and in demand. Just look at the deluge of new apps available in smartphones and on Facebook, and you basically have a small snapshot of this huge industry. IT, or Information Technology, is a vague word that encompasses almost anything related to computers and telecommunications – computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services. Naturally, many have images of grandeur when they think about landing a cushy job in the industry. First and foremost, being an IT professional is always equated to getting … Continue reading

Where to buy Cookie Butter, Ovomaltine & other “Trendy” Food

Japanese Kit Kat Bars

Cookie Butter. Ovomaltine. Japanese Kit Kat. These are some of the many imported food items that made quite a buzz in the market especially last 2013! At its highest point, the cookie butter craze sparked dozens of creations made from this delicious lightly spiced spread – from pancakes to polvoron to sandwiches. I was finally able to try it a few months ago. What do I think about the cookie butter? It’s delicious. It’s good on top of those instant pancakes. But whether it’s “to scour the whole world for” and “to spend exorbitantly for” is another thing entirely. I’m … Continue reading

How to Accept Credit Card Payments via Paypal

Accept Credit Card Payment via Paypal

If you own an online store, chances are, several customers must have asked if you accept credit card. Online shopping has become more and more sophisticated and prevalent and many buyers have embraced the idea of making online purchases using their credit card. This is thanks in large part to deal voucher sites. The common misconception is that using Paypal requires the customer to have a Paypal account AND funds inside that Paypal account. But good news: that is not the case! The other misconception is that you need a website or HTML know how to do accept payments. Again, … Continue reading

How to Create a Tab (eg. Order Form) on Your Facebook Page


If you own a Facebook page, chances are you’d have wanted to put a tab into your page. If you don’t know what a tab is, it’s that permanent thumbnail / photo right at the upper portion of your page, beside Photos and your Likes counter. If you’re running a Facebook online shop, you would use it to place a permanent link to your order form for everyone to clearly see. Or an FAQs page to reduce all those redundant inquiries you may get. Here’s how to do it: 1. Login to your Facebook account, the one that’s set as … Continue reading

MMDA Double Number Coding: Another Superficial Fix

The traffic problem in Manila has continued to snowball, so in an attempt to “fix” this problem, the MMDA is considering a double number coding scheme. What exactly is the double number coding scheme? Well, to put it shortly, it’s every car owner’s nightmare. If this gets implemented, your car will not be allowed to go out the road not just for one day, but for TWO days. Those plate numbers ending in 1 to 4 can’t pass on Monday Those plate numbers ending in 5 to 8 can’t pass on Tuesday Those plate numbers ending in 9, 0, 1, … Continue reading