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OFFERING / FOR SALE: Koi for Sale at Farm Prices - JD's Koi Center

Location: Valenzuela City
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Transaction type: OFFERING / FOR SALE
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Price: 35

JD's Koi Center is the one stop shop for Koi lovers and Koi Enthusiast. We sell best quality Koi at the lowest price in the market.

You can have Koi fishes for as low as 35 pesos per piece (Subject to terms and conditions)

JD's Koi Center started out as a hobby but as time goes by, and as the number of fishes increase, we decided to share our koi fishes to our fellow koi lovers, but since we understand the need of our fellow koi lovers for high quality low cost fishes, we lowered our prices to the point that it is one of the lowest in the market.

Our Prices are 10% to 40% lower than in Cartimar and 30% to 60% lower than any other pet shops!

We encourage you to try and visit our ponds and see our price list and compare the quality of fishes we have and our prices to other sellers of Koi and other fishes, and we asure you that we have in fact, one of the lowest prices among all the sellers.

Aside from the Koi fishes we sell, we also sell Gold fish, and other fishes (by order) also at low prices, we also sell fish foods and motor pumps, nets, aquarium, water filters and other fish accessories.

Visit for more info.

We ship nationwide!

Email: jedalhambra[at]yahoo[dotcom]

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jd koi center
jd koi center
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cartimar selling fish and prices
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for sale koi manila

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