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OFFERING / FOR SALE: Test Electronic Components Repair Instruction

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My name is Jestine Yong and Im a Professional Electronic Repairer and an Instructor. If youre thinking about learning how to Test Electronic Components with a multimeter and perform electronic repair, one that you can learn from the convenience of your own home, and youre looking to spend as little as possible to get started, then you has come to the right place.

Fuse, Resistor, Capacitor (non-polarity and electrolytic), Diode, Zener Diode, Bridge Rectifier, Light Emitting Diode (LED), Transformer (Linear & Switch Mode), Crystal, Bipolar Transistor (Transistor), Field Effect Transistor (FET or Mosfet), Darlington Transistor, Horinzontal Output Transistor (HOT), SCR, Triac, Relay, Volyage Regulator and Optoisolator (Optocoupler).

Imagine if you have mastered the art of testing electronic components from this easy instructional e-book guide you could:

Build unlimited electronic projects kits
Troubleshoot, test and repair electronic circuits or equipment
Earn some income working full time or part time or even start your own electronic repair training course.

Learn more about Test Electronic at http://pennyweb2.jyong.hop.clickbank

Email: goimarketing[at]yahoo[dotcom]

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