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OFFERING / FOR SALE: install signal jammer for jammer-buy store

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I decided to install a signal jammer to make mobile phones not in the service area of the test site. The goal is to prevent cheating. There is a small earphone in the ear that USES the phone to explain the phenomenon from the outside. We covered facilities that introduced the same functionality. If the mobile phone to receive similar to the base station radio waves, radio waves, cannot communicate with the base station communication terminal will not in service. The phone's radio waves are said to have been blocked only during testing. I can't use my cell phone, but I can't use my cell phone, but I say it's because many people are using it at once, or because they're using it. In this case, attention is focused on devices that the phone cannot use. These devices will be installed where mobile phones can be harmful. We've launched a cell phone jammer, which makes it impossible to use cell phones around the ATM as part of a security transfer scam. We have been trying to call for the use of mobile phones.

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install signal jammer for jammer-buy sto
install signal jammer for jammer-buy sto

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